The Growth Institute is open to all members and guests. It will take place on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm at CrossRoads Covenant Church. Please contact Bro. Marques Miles at for more information.

Growing through God's Word

  • Books of the Bible

  • Theological Subjects

  • Quiet Time/Devotions

Reconnecting Generations in Worship

  • Closing the generational divide

Operating in Our Spiritual Gifts

  • Discover you Spiritual Gift

  • Learn how to fir in with CrossRoads

Winning the Community

  • Evangelism/Outreach

Tithing in Love and Obedience

  • Stewardship

Helping to Empower through Support

  • How are leaders empowered

  • Support others in the church


Current Class Held:

Understanding the Bible: Heaven and Hell

Where: CrossRoads Covenant Church

When: Wednesdays at 7pm

Materials: Provided by Instructor